List your venue on Rocking S.A. Escape the noise of the news feed and the time line! Get your venue under the noses of real music fans.

Get your Venue on Rocking S.A.

  • Venue Name
  • Were Venue is located
  • What Type of Music Plays at the Venue
  • Opening and Closing Time
  • Who does the Venue cater for?
  • Does the venue cater for Bands?
  • What type of food does the venue serve?
  • The venue's Specials
  • Venue contact details
  • Pictures of Venue
  • Venue gig guide

For R 400 per month. This also includes a review of the venue about the food, drink price and the vibe of the venue.

Get your unique domain name, .com or .net for limed time over of R180 per month and a starting free of R300.

Get your Banner on Rocking S.A. for R100 for 1 000 impressions.

Contact Fanie on 084 881 0240 or email: with the subject: Venue package.

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Get your venue on Rocking S.A.
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