We are just three white kids listening to dirty blues, trying to feel something for the surroundings we find ourselves in...Dirt poor and just plain scruffy we rely on the mad sliding skills of our very talented Lead Guitarist Louwki: a small town kid who school hopped through punk to find the light in the blues “our curly geologist” has a warm fluffy place for all manners of “rock/s” he also puts his talents to good use on the Banjo, keyboard, harmonica and the drums. David is a mean bassist and an even meaner illustrator, a fine arts student he spends a lot of time writing deeply intellectual papers on the nature of the obscure...that and he smokes a bunch of cigarettes, bad habits aside he is the deep thinker behind the wolf pack and also brings a new meaning to “tall”. Sandy is by no means tall but what she lacks in length she makes up for with mad bantering...she and louwki write a bunch of songs together normally over a few emptied bottles of wine ,also a fine arts student she spend a load of time drawing pictures of her dog and making tea. She plays rhythm guitar, tambourine, kick drum and is on vocals alongside Louwki We pride ourselves in our unique lyrical abilities and “anti-love song” attitude (there’s just got to be more than that),that being said the blues is inherently “women done left me” inspired genre and we love it but what we really enjoy is the guttural honesty in blues to just say it like it is. So to say it like it is we are just three middle class suburban hicks barely surviving on a student budget, ”brand arm” (dirt poor) and trying our hand at an old dog trick.





  wolfgang marrow
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wolfgang marrow


Wolfgang Marrow
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