Since the re-launch of "Grafte Oppi Vlakte", the ever evolving Tribal Echo became a five piece band, and put their "Rap and Roll" image aside to develop a fresh musical style they call Eclectic Roots Rock. The founding members of the band (who is also the sole writers of the music and lyrics), the lead vocalist and guitarist Frazer Barry and vocalist and rapper Sandy Gertse was joined in 2009 by a drummer Deniel Barry, Saxophone player Niel Visser and Bassist Earl Witbooi to create a unique sound that is mesmerizing and captivating. Building on the recipe of blending all their musical influences into one melting pot, the band feel they have managed to create something fresh in the music industry. The signature of this band's sound can be described as rhythmic, with catchy saxophone melodies, driven by the strong off-beat style of the acoustic guitar, drum and bass; adding to it the vocals of Frazer and Sandy easily find their way through the well arranged songs. It is extremely difficult to box the band in terms of musical genre as each song is a melting pot of musical styles. You will recognize the blues, samba, rock and roll, reggae, disco, funk, hip hop and many other styles with a distinct African feel at the root of Tribal Echo's music; a sound that is Western Cape, South-African but also a sound that can easily be embraced by an international audience. The contents of the lyrics and the topics of the songs are well received by audiences, as they can easily relate to what the band sing about. The lyrical content will make you laugh, smile, cry and give you food for thought. Tribal Echo's Eclectic Roots Rock is fresh and unheard of in the South African music scene.

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Tribal Echo
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