The Studerbakers are a five piece, high energy, Blues band based in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town that have been taking the local Blues scene by surprise. Since the band's conception in July 2010, The Studerbakers have played some of the biggest Blues events and venues in The Western Cape including Bloemendal's Blanc & Blues Festival, Kleinmond's Big Blues Music Festival, The Champagne & Oyster Fest and Die Boer amongst others. With their below the belt blues, The Studerbakers are the talk of the town. When these guys start playing, everyone takes notice. They have an ever growing repertoire of exciting, original material, but also stop to pay tribute to some of the Blues greats along the way. Mix together a group of musicians with talents as diverse as their backgrounds, and you get a Blues/Rock outfit that has a unique sound which is hard to ignore. Originals like, Rocked out Baby, Call her up, Teddy and the Roadkings and Baby Blues show this bands ability in the diversity of the Blues.

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The Studerbakers
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