From the release of their first album Sweet Voodoo in 2004 to the recent recording of their latest album in 2010, Southern Gypsy Queen has refined and crafted its sound from classic-retro to a more raw and edgy rock with a strong pop sensibility. Over the last six years Southern Gypsy Queen has released three albums: Sweet Voodoo, Rise Up and Be the Lion. Singles from each album including Song for the Captain, Rise Up and Radio Revolution were well received by local broadcasters and enjoyed extensive airplay on South African radio and television stations. After recently signing a management deal with Southern Pulse Entertainment, 2011 promises to be a big year for Southern Gypsy Queen and South African rock music. The Delusions album will signal the band's first attempt at sussing out the overseas market – let's hope they share our good taste.

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Southern Gypsy Queen
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