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From October 2018 through February 2019, Joel Karabo Elliott’s Roots Grown Deep will be touring southern Africa to give families, organizations, audiences and landscapes a pre-launch glimpse of their unfolding project, The Musical Ecology. Featuring 33 musicians from 11 countries of origin, and exuding an effortlessly trans-cultural aura, The Musical Ecology is due for gradual release in 2019 alongside a traveling educational healing node, featuring a number of multi-disciplinary educators and children from the inter-related ‘A’ fields: arts, architecture and agriculture.

This is music explicitly for the wholistic regeneration of our selves, our communities, and our earth.


Listen to the first online release here, a drop of Moonlight performed by a 13-piece ensemble, featuring an unprecedented collaboration of spirit-filled singing by the likes of Nono Nkoane, Msaki, Naftali, Joel Karabo Elliott and Mthwakazi: www.soundcloud.com/rootsgrowndeep


As part of the southern Afrika breaking bread and listening sessions tour, Roots Grown Deep offers a special double set presentation: first, a live performance by a region-specific ensemble, then a DJ set by JKE revealing the sounds and stories behind the final mixes from their 23-song recorded repertoire. Be among the first to hear these ground-breaking recordings.


The Musical Ecology is intended to resonate with people whose hearts and minds who are fused and enchanted to actively connect natural and spiritual reality. The music is a portal for unifying and inspiring those people and communities across the land who recognize the shift of human consciousness occurring on our planet, and who humbly seek to serve the processes of healing and regeneration.


Following is the schedule for the Breaking Bread Tour, with links to venues or specific events listed on Facebook. You are lovingly and deeply invited! We thank you for sharing with us in this project, mission and calling.


10 October 2018           Inhambane, Mozambique  |  Sumi (Praia do Tofo)

27 October                      Johannesburg  |  Broken Chords Creative Studio

23 November                Durban  |  Conscious Café at the Castle (Hillcrest)

15 December                  East London  |  Emerald Hill (Kwalera)

20 December                 Garden Route  |  Vintage Vinyl Café (Bibby’s Hoek)

29 December                 Circle of Dreams  |  Learning Clan

January 2019                  Cape Town  |  TBD

January 2019                  Gaborone  |  TBD

February                          Tshwane  |  TBD

February                          Limpopo  |  TBD

We are roots but there are still hashtags ;-) Please use them when promoting the movement . . .

#musicalecology #rootsgrowndeep #awholeregeneration #travellight

#bloodonmyfinger #brothermovingon


And for those really digging DEEP…

Here is the landscape of communal partnerships for the 2019 Musical Ecology project (education healing node). This family includes indigenous land-inspired projects, cosmic visionaries, community-based organizations and creative artists…

One Shushu Day / RiverSong

Wade In The Water / Mukwai Wabei Siyolwe

The Hive – Muizenberg

The Afro Dennias Show

Fireside Theatre

Conscious Café & Sea Shepherd

Loeries Love / Vintage Vinyl Café

Emerald Hill

Learning Clan

Nokeng Festival of Music

Love Limpopo

Zwakala / Mina’s Art Café / Bjatladi Youth Development

MaMaKoBo Films

Clear Creek Creative – Disputanta, Kentucky, USA

Alternate Roots – Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Global Community Communications Alliance – Tumacacori, Arizona, USA

Pro Helvitia


Liesl Hasselbrek

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Listening Sessions & Breaking Bread Tour Banner
Listening Sessions & Breaking Bread Tour Banner
Listening Sessions & Breaking Bread Tour Banner

Listening Sessions & Breaking Bread Tour Banner

Roots at knysna river
Roots at knysna river
Roots at knysna river

Roots at knysna river



Listening Sessions & Breaking Bread Tour for The Musical Ecology of Roots Grown Deep