You can tell there’s diamonds on the sole of his shoes when Durban rap artist Manelis slithers across each tune on the appropriately titled and ground shattering 17-track album titled Aircuts. Lyrically and flow-wise Aircuts is very imaginative – out of the box. Within the sound you can hear lots of retro inspiration combined with the freshness of music nowadays. You can hear rap, combined with punk-rock, Dubstep and Drum & Bass – basically a very wide variety of inspirations. The end product is distinctively South African. When you listen to the music you immediately hear it is Mzansi-Made.

Sounding local, but global is shrugged off as Manelis exposes the obsolete boundaries of musical geography while landing like a space creature on his first single titled IMPIreal Sounds.


MANELIS is a hip-hop artist from Durban. One of the defining artists in this city’s rap development from its beginning in the mid 90’s. The development of MANELIS’ sound has panned over an career of almost 20 years of pioneering expression in isiZulu. Over the years he has artistically expressed himself through many recordings, performances and groups. 


MANELIS explains that nothing is coincidental in the album:  “It might feel like that, but when you really sit down and have a listen, you get to peel the layers off the music and find that everything is

well thought after. This album is a natural progression from the moment I started working with music to now. I am very proud of my product, since this was exactly my intention, one of the places I wanted to get to.


IMPIreal Sounds was released on all digital platforms on 15 November, the album Aircuts will follow on 7 December.

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Durban rapper MANELIS releases ground shattering album titled “Aircuts”